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Getting started

Creating your account

Here is what you should expect when setting up your account. If at any time you require assistance, please contact our Customer Service Team.

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Receiving your funds

It is possible to begin accepting payments on Glance Pay without entering your banking details, but Glance can’t complete deposits to your account until that step is done.

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Payment Types

PayMe in Person

PayMe in Person is ideal for businesses like coffee shops or fast-food restaurants where your customers come to the counter — or wherever you keep your Glance PayMe-equipped device — to settle their bill.

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PayMe by Invoice

This Payment Type is ideal for your side-hustle, your delivery service, your summer festival kiosk, or for any business that routinely takes you to new places and impromptu spaces.

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PayMe by Photo

This is Glance Pay’s original, tried and true payment method. It’s ideal for businesses like restaurants, health spas, or anywhere the merchant can print out a bill.

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Managing Payments


When can merchants accept payments?

Merchants can accept and receive payments as soon as their profile has been setup & approved by customer service. This typically takes a few hours after you sign-up and finish registration

How do merchants receive payments?

Payments are deposited into a Merchant’s bank account on the next business day once the merchant has added banking information in the app.

How do merchants view transaction history?

Glance PayMe merchants can view their transaction history day-to-day within the current month on the Glance PayMe dashboard. Previous month’s transactions can be viewed on the Glance Merchant Website, launching in December 2018.

A merchant has made a mistake on an invoice. Can they cancel it?

Yes, you can swipe right on the specific invoice you want to cancel on the Glance PayMe dashboard.

Can a merchant be logged into the same account on multiple devices?

Yes, a merchant can be logged into two devices at the same time.

Is Glance PayMe available for Android? Is there an expected date?

Glance PayMe will be available for Android in 2019.

How do merchants request to refund a payment?

If merchants need to process a refund, they can call us on our customer support line at 1-855-288-6044, and one of our friendly support staff will be happy to process the refund. Customer Support Centre Hours: Mon-Fri 7am to 2am. Sat & Sunday 7am to 3am

Can merchants accept e transfers to accept my deposits? (Canada Only)

This is a feature we are reviewing to implement, please contact us if you would like to implement this feature.

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