PayMe in Person

When to use PayMe in Person

PayMe in Person is ideal for businesses like coffee shops or fast-food restaurants where your customers come to the counter — or wherever you keep your Glance PayMe-equipped device — to settle their bill.

Sending a bill

PayMe in Person works the same as our current “Quickserve” payments. Enter the amount you wish the customer to pay.

You can send a bill using QR code as well. Simply show your customer their device with the QR code and the customer pays using the Glance Pay app.

Receiving payment

When your customer opens up their Glance Pay app, Glance’s technology will automatically detect their location and the business they are visiting.

Your customer confirms that information and clicks “Pay Now.” From there, they will see a list pending Payment Requests from your business, and they select the one related to their order. The pending Payment Request will show the amount due and the bill number, that information having been entered by the business’s staff when they created the request.

As a merchant, you or your staff can further help your customer select the right Payment Request by adding a label when you create it, such as “Coffee for Amira” or “Two slices, pepperoni.”