PayMe by Invoice

When to use PayMe by Invoice

This Payment Type is ideal for your side-hustle, your delivery service, your summer festival kiosk, or for any business that routinely takes you to new places and impromptu spaces.

Whether you’re a yoga teacher visiting your students’ living rooms or selling off old treasures online, Glance’s PayMe by Invoice is the simple, fast and effective way to send your customer a digital invoice and quickly accept and deposit their funds.

Adding a recipient

Enter the information of the person you wish to send an invoice to. Once added, you can choose the customer to request for payment. This information will be saved so you can select this customer again in the future.

Sending an invoice

When sending an invoice, you can select from your list of recipients or add a new one. Fill in the invoice details, confirm the information of the transaction and then, Glance sends your customer the invoice directly to their phone via SMS text message.

Receiving payment

Your customer then clicks a link in the SMS text message to open up the Payment Request in the Glance Pay app, where they can then complete the transaction.