Creating your account

Business information

When creating your account, you will be guided through a series of pages where you can add your business name, description, website, street address, contact information, and other information related to your business.

You can also update what Glance Pay users will see about your business, such as your logo or promotional images.

Payment Settings

Payment settings is where you customize the payment experience for you and your customer. You will be guided through to select the Payment Type(s) your business will use, the default tip amount your customers will see and customize your incentive program.

Account information

Upon completion of your registration, Glance’s Customer Service Team will review your profile for approval. This usually takes about 10 minutes. We will notify you when your account has been approved and you can begin accepting payments with Glance PayMe!

NOTE: Be sure to complete your banking information so we can begin sending next-business-day deposits to your bank account.