Your Pocket POS Has Arrived.

Glance PayMe is your mobile point-of-sale and loyalty solution designed to fit your business.

Why choose Glance PayMe

No extra hardware required. All you need is the PayMe app.

Built-in anti-fraud protection with every transaction

Fast payments with next-business-day deposits

No wallets, no hassle. Customers can now use Bitcoin to pay you.

Full PCI compliance included

Mobile POS with multiple payment methods for customers

Digitally track and organize invoices and payments.

Incentivize customers with custom loyalty rewards

Simple, transparent pricing


No monthly fees


No hidden fees


Next business day deposit


Full PCI compliance


Flat fee monthly


United States

Flat fee monthly


+ 10¢ per transaction

How it works

Request a payment with PayMe

Send a bill or invoice with the PayMe app using your preferred payment type.  With PayMe you can choose the payment type that best fits your business.

PayMe in Person

Ideal for businesses like coffee shops, fast-food restaurants or food trucks where your customers come to the counter or your device to settle their bill.

PayMe by Invoice

This payment type is ideal for your side-hustle, your delivery service, or for any business that routinely takes you to new places and impromptu spaces.

PayMe by Photo

This is Glance Pay’s original, tried and true payment method. It’s ideal for businesses like restaurants, health spas, or anywhere the merchant can print out a bill.

Customers pay with Glance Pay

Your customer receives your bill or invoice & pays you using the popular Glance Pay app. They will automatically accumulate rewards customized by you.

Customers love Glance Pay

Available for both iOS and Android, the app empowers your customers to seamlessly and securely pay the bills you give them, whether printed on a piece of paper or sent digitally through the Glance PayMe app.

I forgot my wallet when I went out for lunch, but had my phone on me and used Glance to pay my bill. It’s really convenient if you like to pack light and you’re on a tight schedule, definitely recommend trying out!

Vancity 101 App Store Review

Loved it!!! It was so easy to use and fast. I like the part that you don’t have to touch the debit machine that everyone had touched.

Jay Raqueno Facebook Reviewer

This was the quickest bill payment system I have ever used. Snap a pic, select amount you want to pay, add tip, hit confirm. Takes maybe 20 seconds. As I walked out the door my server thanked me for using glance pay.

Louie Taranov Facebook Reviewer

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